Extraction Technology Group  Co2 Extraction Systems

All of our extraction vessels are fully ASME CERTIFIED! All vessels hold the U, W, & RT-1 pressure vessel certification stamps.  We are one of the ONLY companies in the industry going this far to ensure you and your teams safety!  Extraction Technology Group cannabis extraction focuses on you!

Extraction Technology Group manufactures CO2 extraction systems designed specifically for the cannabis industry.  Our systems utilize both subcritical and supercritical cannabis extraction processes to ensure you get great yields from your product with faster run times! We have four models of high pressure closed loop systems to meet your capacity needs in this fast emerging market. Extraction Technology Group CO2 extraction systems are some of the safest and cleanest options available and we are here to help you and your team achieve the results you are looking for.


Extraction Technology Group was founded by CTO Dwayne Dundore, Phd. and his partners in 2016. Dwayne has designed some of the largest extraction systems on the planet and has used his knowledge to design superior extraction systems for the cannabis industry.


MAY 5, 2017

Please join us at the MJBZCON Spring show this May in Washington DC! Send us an email to set up an appointment or swing by our BOOTH #925.  The Extraction Technology Group cannabis extraction team would love to meet you!

JANUARY 1, 2017

We hope everyone had a safe and happy new year! 2017 is shaping up to be the best year yet for the MMJ industry and co2 cannabis extraction! We would like to help you and your team reach your goals, give us a call today to discuss your extraction needs!